Vladimir Gilevych

Vladimir Gilevych

Munich, Germany
Vladimir Gilevych

Personal Information

I have smart experience in Java/ PHP / SQL / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Ajax.
Last years worked with different complex projects based on different technologies (Spring Framework, JavaEE, Symfony, Zend Framework). Improved Java skills and deepened in Amazon Web Services structure and projects. Also spent some time on own WordPress plugins + Facebook Apps.
My regular workspace – Mac OS with IntelliJ IDEA as IDE. I’m using Git for my projects. For other cases I’m using Docker or Vagrant + VirtualBox solution to have required workspaces.
I love coding process and I love create smart and useful things. + always open to learn something new.


1 August, 2013 - PRESENT

Software Engineer

CupoNation GmbH

Duties: Development and support BE/FE part of CupoNation project (adding new business logic, improvements for current code, developing new API's, works on new “Products” project). Moving/developing new functionality of BE admin instead old one.

1 September, 2006 - 1 August, 2013

Senior PHP Back-End Developer


Development and support different Facebook apps (promotions, contests, sweepstakes). Development based on Zend Framework. Also works on creation and support core code for basic apps.

1 May, 2004 - 1 September, 2006

Web Developer


Development and support projects like: PayNice, Newspapers, VoiceLord, Proxy Utils. Development based on own created framework. It was remote work, but team work for small command.

1 December, 2002 - 1 May, 2004

Web Developer


Support and updating system of the account of trading-warehouse operations. Support and updating the system of electronic payments (Linkpoint). Development and support the system of mass dispatch. Work examples: Office Anywere, Anything3D, Linkpoint module, UPS Transfer Data, Sender.

1 May, 2002 - 1 December, 2002

Web Developer


Development multiuser system for configure DNS by Web-interfase (DNS Master). NetCom - was a domain name registrar company. So DNS Master was a project that allow user do any configuration changes for bought domain names.

1 September, 2000 - 1 December, 2002


Laboratory "Expert" OSPU

Development and support AIRS "Abiturient" version 2.0. There was already created system "Abiturient" 1.0 written on Clipper. That system was like account management for students and allow university management collect all info about student and based on those information system decide if enrolee allowed to be university student or not.


1 July, 2001

Odessa state polytechnic university / Master of Computer intellectual systems and networks


PHP 10/10
Java 7/10
HTML 9/10
CSS 9/10
SQL 9/10
AJAX 9/10
Facebook PHP/JS SDK 8/10
C++ 6/10
Wordpress 9/10
Git 9/10
PHPUnit 9/10
Symfony2 9/10
Zend Framework 9/10
CodeIgniter 9/10
MySQL 9/10
MongoDB 8/10
Doctrine 8/10
JavaScript 8/10
DynamoDB 9/10
Amazon Web Services (AWS) 7/10
Microservices 8/10
GraphQL 7/10
Hibernate 7/10
Docker 8/10