Vladimir Gilevych

Vladimir Gilevych

Munich, Germany
Vladimir Gilevych


URL of Web-Resource: http://paynice.com/

Skils Used: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL

Database Used: MySQL

Company Name: STONEDIVER

My role in project: Development and support program code of site.

Description: The main objective of PayNice system is to let anyone with an email address send money to anyone else with an email address, whether for personal, business or other types of transactions. Each user signs up with PayNice and then enters their necessary banking and credit card information. Once registration is completed, email address is required to send and receive money within PayNice system. Also there must be a possibility to send money to PayNice Account and withdraw money from PayNice Account.
Users in PayNice must be able to perform following actions:

  • Create CosmoPal Account (i.e. can be registered in the system);
  • Change Account details append or change an email, Bank Account or Credit Card number;
  • Send Money to other PayNice Account;
  • Receive Money from other PayNice Account;
  • Add Funds to PaiNice Account from Bank Account;
  • Withdraw Funds from PayNice Account to Bank Account;
  • Close PayNice Account;

There is special kind of privileged PayNice users PayNice Administrators.
Administrators must be able to serve PayNice system, and must do following actions:

  • Participates in Bank Accounts confirmations;
  • Participates in Adding Funds to PayNice Accounts;
  • Participates in Withdrawal Funds from PayNice Accounts;
  • Manage PayNice Accounts;

On screenshots – examples of work of system:

1) The invitation of an input


2) The information of the user


3) The form of send money dialog


4) An example of transactions history