Vladimir Gilevych

Vladimir Gilevych

Munich, Germany
Vladimir Gilevych


URL of Web-Resource: http://windycitysearch.com/

Skils Used: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, XML, SQL

Database Used: MySQL

Company Name: STONEDIVER

My role in project: Support and development program code of site.

Description: The system is intended for accommodation/search of ads. The Given system allows:

  • to place ads,
  • to search for ads the set parameters,
  • to receive ads in XML a format,
  • to register/delete/edit accounts,
  • to edit/look through/delete the ads,
  • to receive announcements from various sources in XML format,
  • to keep account all ads (administration).

The system has set of clones for many cities. Some of them:

  • Dallas
  • Portland
  • Mobile