Vladimir Gilevych

Vladimir Gilevych

Munich, Germany
Vladimir Gilevych

Linkpoint Module

URL of Web-Resource: The module has been used on several sites. For example: https://www.anything3d.com/product/w3d-cart_new/

Skils Used: PHP, HTML, SQL, C/C++, pl/SQL

Database Used: Postgres

Company Name: UM-SERVICE

My role in project: Development of a program code in language C/C ++ for use the module from database (through pl/sql), and development of a class of the module in language PHP.

Description: Linkpoint module – the module for realization of electronic payments. The Given module allows:

  • to receive the information necessary for payment from a database
  • to check up validate cards of the buyer
  • to pay
  • to receive exhaustive information on payment